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Skateboarding is not a crime

New World Element: Europe

New World Element: Europe

Although new building developments and perfect spots seemingly pop up every day across the globe, there is no doubt Europe remains the Mecca of skateboarding with Barcelona being the dream destination for most everyone....

Todd Francis X Element: Family Business

Todd Francis X Element: Family Business

For over 20 years, the illustrations, paintings, and sketches of Todd Francis have led to some of the most memorable board graphics from Element, Anti-Hero, and more. To celebrate his work, they’re bringing it...

Surf & Skate Festival 2015

Surf & Skate Festival 2015 in München

Zwischen dem 4. und 7. Juni 2015 findet in München das Surf & Skate Festival 2015 statt. Seit sechs Jahren begeistert das Programm des Festivals Sportinteressierte in der Isar-Metropole. Im vergangenen Jahr kamen mehr...

Arnette – Multiple Personality Disorder Videoserie

Arnette – Multiple Personality Disorder Videoserie

Am 12. November 2013 wird die erste Folge der Multiple Personality Disorder Videoserie über das Arnette Skateteam veröffentlicht. Auf dem Trip an der US-Ostküste waren Pat Duffy, Mark Appleyard, Willy Santos, Danny Supa, Luis...

Red Bull DIY 2013

Red Bull Do It Yourself Winner 2013

Die Schlacht der Maurerkellen ist geschlagen, Red Bull Do It Yourself 2013 ist betoniert und entschieden. Es gewinnt das «Bädli» im nicht gerade als Skater-Mekka bekannten Trogen AR. Fabio und Christoph Martin, Elias Buess...

Soul Surfer Longboard

Soul Surfer Longboard

Concrete cruising guaranteed: The Soul Surfer Longboard. The limited edition Völkl Soul Surfer Longboard, with its distinctive Soul Surfer design, has just hit the ‘creet, delivering pure surf feel, ride after ride.

Sopelana Pro Junior 2013

Sopela O’Neill Pro Junior Results

Sopela O’Neill Pro Junior presented by Bar El PeñonASP 1-Star Men and Women Pro Junior EventSopelana, Euskadi – Basque Country July 25-28, 2013 Clean offshore 2-3Ft surf greeted competitors on the final day of...

Arbor Whiskey Project

The Whiskey Project Video

Living in the cracks behind the hype of today’s Venice, there is still a kid who started with nothing and has given everything to a life built on skating. Pushing past the hordes of...

RedBull DIY

Red Bull Do It Yourself

Red Bull Do It Yourself, kurz DIY, ruft zum grossen Skate Spot-Bau. Der Skateshop deines Vertrauens hat Zement und Werkzeug. Location-Suche und -Bau übernimmst du selber. Ist der DIY-Spot gebaut, skatest du ihn, fotografierst...

Adam Crigler Skate Video

New Ada​m Crigler Skate Video​

Usually when we drop a new Adam Crigler video, he’s ripping up New York so we decided to get him out of his element and bring him to sunny SoCal and the big city...